Thursday, April 1, 2010

¿Glamorous? ¡I don´t think so!

This is what I wrote on my friend and travel buddy (who sadly left me yesterday)´s Facebook today. Just to show you all that maybe life and travels in Europe aren´t always so glamorous

Current location: Some sketched out internet cafe in Madrid, printing out my tickets to Portugal. Status: Smells of chorizo (though theres a good chance that that smell is coming from me), wishing I had germ blaster (the apple kind) to make me feel better once I leave here. Also noteworthy: I am avoiding really touristy... places because I am afraid of Jake-- the smelly long nailed (which I noticied was only on ONE HAND) aussie that I spent the evening with. Also noteworthy, he avoided places where cute American boys were speaking English (chinosssssss!), smelled (AGH), kept ordering beers for me instead of letting me choose (ass), thought Cruz Campo wasn't so bad (means he is certifiable) and, perhaps most importantly, he didn't think my Cruzcampo jokes were funny.

Also noteworthy, I cannot get into contact with my friend that I should be on my way to Portugal with tonight... So there is a good chance I might be on this overnight train alone (don't worry Mom, I'll be safe!)

This is when I just have to reiterate my motto: It's all going to work out.

Don't worry, I will update you all upon my return to Switzerland, that is if I make it out of Portugal alive (kidding Mom!).

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  1. "Would you rather have to pick up that guys' fingernail clippings for the rest of your life or drink one pitcher of Cruzcampo?"

    I think we both know the answer to this one. Sacrifices need to be made.