Sunday, April 25, 2010

Climb Every Mountain

There's something about hiking that really turns my friends against me. It started in Cinque Terre with Molly and Brittney during our semester abroad. Apparently my "This isn't so bad!"/"Come on it is just a bit further!"/"The faster we do it the faster it's over!"/"We'll never make it with that bad-itude!" sentiments were not shared by two of my best friends. What saved our dying (of dehydration) friendship was an amazing pesto pizza, a large scoop of gelato and a beautiful sunset over the Mediterranean (not to mention the end of the hike). Having a friend visit I thought what better way to test our friendship than to hike!?

Today, at the crack of noon, Kristina, Gabri and I set off for Uetliberg. I hadn't done the hike yet but had heard it wasn't too terrible. I think we accidentally took the more difficult trail, which resulted in a longer more arduous hike. However instead of my typical cheers, I decided to sing "Climb Every Mountain." Well, at least Kristina found it funny! Gabri was close to knocking me out (had she had the energy) but once we finally summited, er made it to the top, the celebratory beer made it at least somewhat more enjoyable. We did, however, take the train home. There's only so much strain one can put on a friendship!
Gabri enjoying the view or plotting my demise?

Gabri and Kristina enjoying the view from the top.

Also, on a totally different note: When I got home tonight there was a THIRD enormous spider on my wall. I swear, this sucker (please don't R.I.P. demon spider) was so large that I could hear it breathing. It is time to move out of the lair, and if you don't believe me I took photographic evidence:
Try to tell me you didn't have an involuntary shudder when you saw this guy...

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