Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Three is a Magic Number

On t.v. and in movies women are always freaking out because they think, "I'm turning into my mother!" But for me, turning into my mother isn't such a bad thing.

I know I know, I'm always waxing poetic about how great my mom is. But seriously, when you have a mom as great as mine it is hard not to brag. (I mean in our neighborhood production of "The Wizard of Oz"--yes Molly, I said neighborhood production... that's the kind of neighborhood I grew up in!--she was cast as the Good Witch Glinda, she really is that good/loving/generous/kind and she's funnier than Glinda!)

Like I was saying, turning into my mom is a good thing in my book. However, my dearest mom and I haven't always had the smoothest relationship. When I was younger we argued (okay, I argued) about three things mostly: this parent class she went to, practicing the violin and eating fish. (Rough childhood, I know.) I didn't like the parenting class because I thought it meant that a.) Jack & I were bad kids (probably true) and b.) that my mom was a bad mother because she needed a "class" (definitely untrue). Working as an au pairent (ha ha) I've come to realize that groups of people going through the same things are essential, if I didn't have my au pair group where I could vent about the kids having lice or something it would be a lot harder.

The second thing we fought about was fish. Our standard dinner growing up was rice, steamed zucchini and some sort of fish. It was torturous for my 3rd grade self, I swear.

The last thing was my violin practice. I hated (seriously) hated to practice the violin. Once I got to the point where I wasn't steadily inclining like I once had been and had to practice to improve I realized that maybe violin wasn't as fun as I had thought. So I didn't want to practice and my mom did. She always said, "Three time's a charm" and it began to be a dreaded phrase. I swore to myself that I would never force my child(ren) to play an instrument and especially never, ever use that phrase. (Also utilized in the memorization of spelling words and times tables.)

Now that Boy and Girl are learning the piano I find myself making them practice their songs three times and saying, 'Third time's a charm!" However, their piano has improved and Boy has learned his times tables. I guess mother's do know best.

Also, you'll never guess what I made for dinner tonight...

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  1. I took violin lessons in 3rd grade, mom made me pratice in the bathroom. I was that bad.

    My 5th grade class did the Wizard of Oz, I was the Wizard. ( The star)

    Fish, I never ate fish, instead I went to bed with no supper. Still don't eat fish.