Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Despite being technologically un-inclined I realize that I am heavily reliant on technology for most of my information, keeping in touch, et cetera. This morning, however, technology reared it's insensitive head.

So in the middle of my morning internet routine (GMail, Facebook, I sign onto Facebook and the first thing that pops up on my "Newsfeed" (which randomly generates and informs me of what my "friends" have been doing on Facebook) is the "status" (a sentence or so about your mood/what you're doing/opinion/whatever--something I haven't done/refuse to do) of my brother. Usually I just skip over the Newsfeed because it oftentimes just shows me what animal some one has bought or won or whatever on the stupid Farmtown game but this one was different because it mentioned our family. You know why it mentioned my family? It was about my dog dying.

I found out my dog died ON FACEBOOK.

(And not even on a message but on a flipping status! People who didn't even know our dog knew about it before I did.)

Sometimes, technology sucks.

Miss you BJ.


  1. Jillard, I'm so sorry to hear about BJ. It's the worst thing everrr! Ugh Sorry you have to go through it, love you, love your fam, love dogs!

  2. I emailed you this morning as I too found about BJ on FaceBook. Let me know if you need anything or if there is anything that Cassidy and I can do. Your Favorite Uncle Jim