Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh Baby!

I can keep this news back no longer (and most of my friends here already know it because I can't not have some I-need-all-the-attention-story whenever I see a group of my friends... Nice to know some things don't change huh Howie?).

Thursday morning Girl comes downstairs and says, "I have some good news!"

Now let me explain, it was snowing really hard that morning so I assumed her good news was school was canceled and it was a snow day. So naturally my first thought was, "Damn it!"

I was not expecting (pun intended) what she said next:

"My mom is going to have a baby!!"

I think part of my jaw is still on the kitchen counter. (My first thought, "The poor next au pair!!")

I would have been less surprised if she said she wanted to pogo-stick from Switzerland to Canada to "my country." (Oh wait, she did say that the night before.)

But there it is. The Mother is pregnant. And if I might be so bold as to add (and it's my blog so I can) I don't think she's really that excited about it. Today we had the chance to talk a little more about it and the truth is, she's not. I think she's got too much going on to think about the upcoming Family member hatching at the end of October, plus she said she hates being pregnant. (Side note: French women are unaware of the concept of "baby weight," so I don't know what she's thinking about.)

As I have never had the "we're having another baby" conversation I was pretty excited. After school I kept asking Boy about if he was excited, and he kept talking about getting the high score on the iPod game... I am a little nervous for Boy and Girl and how they will handle having a new baby. (Who shall be called Baby, not to be confused with TB.) Boy already pretends to be starved for attention and relishes any time he can spend with his father. Girl is tiny, cute and because she is so tiny and cute can and is carried a lot. So I don't exactly know how she'll react when some one who is tinier, cuter and actually needs to be carried comes along. Again, all I can say is, "Thank goodness I leave in July! Poor next au pair!"

There's only one issue that I have with the whole Baby thing. Since now I'm old enough to know how babies are actually made I know what The Mother and Father did to make a baby... And good god that creeps me out! I'm just saying it better have happened on one of the weekends I was away... Yuck!

But really, I'm happy for The Mother and Father as long as they are happy, and I can't wait to see Baby. Via photo on e-mail.

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