Friday, March 26, 2010

New News

The people who I don't regularly: see, e-mail, text, Skype, Skype chat, stalk their cell phones via Skype, drunkenly (oops) call/text from my phone, Facebook chat and/or Gchat (what, I was a communications major) on a regular basis, you might not know what my plans are for my life, post Semi-Swiss. And now that I have firmed them up a little bit more I can finally share them:

I am moving to Australia!

I was all set to move back to the U.S. and start a "real job" when, talking with a friend, I realized that I am only 23, and have nothing holding me back from travel (for instance the three ds: debt, dude(s), and/or dog). So I got to chatting with my friend Danielle, who was already planning to relocate to Australia after her year, and we decided to go together.

I already have my visa even!

Danielle and I aren't going until late August (springtime down under) so that leaves me with two months of "free" time to kill before. And in the excitement of obtaining my visa I may or may not have accidentally agreed to do something... Stay and work for The Family through July. (If I had told myself this in December I would have laughed in my future-me's face.) However, I do have the first two weeks of July off (making my grand total of holiday weeks to seven) so I guess it is only two more weeks of taking the kids to the pool (life is tough). The new au pair will be coming in August, but the Father said I could stay with them until I left even if there is some overlap, maybe I'll get to stay in the guest bedroom with my very own bathroom! (Or maybe I'll just opt to stay with some of my friends for the month of August...)

Either way, I'm very excited about the move (not to mention the beach, and fabulous Australian accents). That leaves me with just three questions: Do I continue to blog? Do I keep the same name or start a new one? If I were to start a new one, I need suggestions for a name--ideas?

Time to pack for Spain/Portugal!


  1. I have given this some thought, ready to have your mind blown??

    "Ausome Australian Adventures"

    See what I did there with 'awesome'? And you gotta love the alliteration. It's brilliant. You're welcome.

  2. haha, as I was reading the above comment, I, like, at least spell it right....but, it can be excused.
    So excited for you, my semi swiss, soon to be semi australian friend.
    I just booked for Spain and Portugal today! Hunt me down the best spots!! xx

  3. Can't wait visit.(maybe I should wait to be invited)!!!

    Look forward to reading whatever you want to write about.

    Good luck. Joe