Monday, March 8, 2010

Going Somewhere?

So I know what you all are thinking: Isn't it time for another week of vacation for Jill? And yes, yes it is.

The Family gave me the first half of the kids' spring break off (because they will be in New York City). Originally I had planned to hit Croatia/Greece but last week I was talking to a fellow Pi Phi & Denisonian, Gill, messaged me about a vacation during that time. Gill is currently teaching in the south of Spain and suggested we take the second half of the week and go to the beach in Portugal. New country AND a beach? You know I'm there!

So Kristina, from the skiing fame of last weekend, and I will be heading to the south of Spain for the first few days and when she heads back to work I'll be heading to Portugal with Gill! The end of the month cannot come soon enough!

It's a difficult life, but somebody's got to lead it...

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