Monday, March 1, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

So a lot of my friends often inquire about my marital status, but no one is more interested in it than Girl. She is currently in love with love, especially teenagers in love, but since I'm sort of close the status of my love life is her constant obsession.

This morning at breakfast:
Girl: We saw you yesterday at Starbucks... with a boy.
Me: Oh really? Were you guys in Oerlikon? (Because I was, in fact, at a Starbucks on Sunday morning with a bunch of people.)
Boy: No, it wasn't yesterday, it was Saturday.
Girl: Oh yeah. Saturday. With a booooy.
Me: Nope, sorry. But I was with a boy on Saturday morning.
Girl: WHO?!?!
Me: Louis. (My French tutor's 15 month old son.)
Girl: No, it was definitely you.

This afternoon at the park, trip two: (Trip two because she had laughed so hard on the spinning thing that she actually peed in her pants, I guess I'm really funny. And yes, she is still my favorite.)
Girl: So Jill, who is your boyfriend?
Me: G, what are you talking about?
Girl: The one from Starbucks!
Me: That wasn't me.
Girl: No it was you, you were reading a newspaper with him.
Me: Was the newspaper in German?
Girl: Yes.
Me: G, why would I be reading a German newspaper? You know I don't speak German.
Girl: Well I think you just pretend not to speak German.
Me: Are you nuts?
Boy: Even my dad thought it was you. We were talking about you (?!?!) and then he saw you and said, "Oh, looks like she's here." But then you hid from us.
Me: It wasn't me. I promise!
Girl: I don't think so.
Me: So, what were you guys saying about me? (Kids are such suckers... Can't keep any secrets!)
Boy: Oh we were just talking about what a great job you're doing, how you're a really great au pair.

At least they weren't talking badly about me in front of my Swiss doppelgänger.

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