Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend(s), Part Deux

Just a little bit belated:

So I arrive at Mr. Phil & Marti's apartment around 5:45 and we relax and catch up before heading out to hear a couple of their musician friends (they have about 3,000) play at a bar in Paris. With live music being few and far between (for those of us au poors--sorry just trying out new names) in Zürich I was excited to hear some. There were three acts and all were really good. The girl who played last who was visiting from Boston was really great (Katrin) and her boyfriend/manager thing/guitar carrier was... well he was Andy Bernard from The Office. Well not the actor, and not in appearances but in actions. I couldn't stop laughing to myself about it and wishing my friend Caitlin could be there to witness and laugh with me. (I guess you'll just have to not move to Philly and come here Cait! Please?) We went out to dinner after the sets and then headed back to their apartment for late night music. I was in live-music heaven.

The next morning Marti and I went to the bakery (things were open on a Sunday) to get croissants (how truly French) and Mr. Phil made a lovely breakfast. We then watched the best American t.v. show around, the Jersey Shore, and I explored their lovely Parisian district in the afternoon. I made it to my train and made my way home to Zürich. A quick but fun night/day in Paris! I had wonderful hosts who have the apartment of my dreams in Paris (high ceilings and a balcony on the 5th floor--I don't ask for much!)

This weekend in a few words: (my camera ran out of charge! I really did want to take pictures!)
Friday: Went out with some friends; stayed out too late. Also, my friend Meg said it was Nutella Day. How could I not have known?!?! So my friend and I had some when we got home to celebrate because it was still February 5th in California.
Saturday: Woke up, took the train to Davos. Went cross country skiing (for 30CHF cheaper than what we had thought!) with Allie. Went to the apres ski in the town. Met my friend Nicky at 8, went to dinner. Went to some dull bars but we didn't make reservations for a hotel/hostel (ski towns are expensive!) so we were stuck and had to stay out all night. Met fun British guys at a bar (where most people were prepubescent) so had fun with them. Took the 5:50 am train back to Zürich where I promptly went to Kristen's, showered and fell asleep.
Sunday: Lazed around Kristen's all day (my usual Sunday fare) and then decided to go to a Superbowl party with Nicky that the Swiss American football team was hosting. Of course I didn't get to watch any of the game because I took my last bus home before the game started--I was not up for staying out all night again!

So another fun and interesting weekend!

Happy Birthday, again, Dad!!

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