Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shower Power

I bet you all thought my first Korean post was going to be educational or clever or have something to do with my travels. But it isn't. Those will come I promise, but first: my showering experience.

My dad showers every day, my mom showers daily, and I, well I've been known to shower on occasion, but Jack, Jack showers at least twice a day. (At least!) I actually have no idea how he maintains that habit here.

When I got back to his apartment (from shopping, what else really?) he had left a note saying I could shower if I wanted and this is how to turn on the heat. It just so happened that I wanted to shower (very rare indeed) and so I turned the heat on and turned the shower on. Nothing but ice water. So I waited. And waited. Still icy. So then I thought maybe I need to turn the know the other way (it does say "open" and "closed" with arrows but who am I to heed those directions?) so I turned it the other way. Nothing but ice. And more ice. Finally after a few minutes I said screw it, I'm just going to shower.

Mistake. When my skull wasn't suffering from brain freeze I was hopping up and down around the room trying not to catch hypothermia. It wasn't a pretty sight. (The whole time I was washing my hair all I could think about is the time at the Family's house in France the shower ran out of hot water and was only lukewarm and both Boy and Girl screamed at me and wouldn't have their showers--I'm so grateful that they didn't have to do this!) It was rough but I made it through, and semi-clean to boot! But seriously, how does he do it?

I promise to write more later....

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  1. I really don't have anything to add.
    But if I comment you know I'm still following.
    Maybe you could post something on Jack's blog for him.

    Have fun-JC