Friday, February 12, 2010

A Miracle!

No one ever saw this coming, especially me. (No, I do not have a job and/or boyfriend.)

This happened when I went to France, last weekend in Davos, and now for Korea.

I packed light.

(Believe it, mom. And not "light" as in my suitcase only weighed 42 pounds, dad.)

To France and Davos I brought my red Longchamp, this time just a rolley carry-on and a purse.

I know you all think I'm bluffing but it is true.

And I'm going to a new CONTINENT tomorrow (arrival on Sunday though).

Jack & Jill take Korea... here we go.

(And no, no matter how adventurous I am with food I will NOT be eating dog. I have to draw the line somewhere!)

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