Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guilty, Party of One

I interrupt my weekend post to describe tonight's events. (Hey three posts in one day! Must be Kristen's lucky day!)

Today is my seven month anniversary of being in Switzerland, neat huh? Tonight however, I heard the dreaded words, "Jill, can I speak with you for a minute?" I've said it before, but seriously, no good can come from these words. It's like saying, "We need to talk," to a significant other, or "Just a little shorter on the bangs," to your hairdresser--it never ends well.

TM then says, "Well I was talking to my mom about vacations today..." which is when my mind zooms to what I think she might say next: That I can't go to Korea anymore. She and the kids are going on a skiing holiday while I'm in Asia with her mother, and I instantly assumed that her mother had called to cancel and I would have to cancel my trip (hey I'm an "owned-pair" so I don't rule anything like that out). Instead she said, "What would work best for us is if you could stay, at least, until August."

I'm sorry stay where until when?

Apparently, with their vacation schedule it would be best for me to work the three weeks after their holiday in July and before their two weeks in Corsica in August. She said, "Plus it will give you time to spend with the kids, too."

Two things TM: 1.) I thought you were a lawyer. I was under the impression that lawyers are supposed to persuade you. And this reasoning is the opposite of persuasive. Spend 13 hour days again with your children? No thanks. 2.) If you knew all the nasty things (I admit it) I think while Boy is lying on the floor having a crying and/or hissy fit you wouldn't want me to spend any time with them, let alone more time.

I think the look on my face can only be described one way: crestfallen. I mean staying for any extended period of time is about the last thing I want to do. But then I feel guilty for leaving them in a lurch. I really, really can't stay, but now I feel like I'm being a bad servant (employee I mean). Saying no is really hard for me (one of my mother's biggest fears is that I will be unable to say no to men when the situation arises, but just ask all the skeezy Italian men at Oktoberfest, I was very successful in rebuffing their creepy advances!) I just don't like to do it. I told the mom I'd have to get back to her, and I can't stay. But what am I supposed to do?

Naturally, I phoned a friend. Kristen advised me that you know what? It's not your problem to figure out who is going to care for their children. You are under a contract and once it is up, it is up. I shouldn't have the guilt (that I do) because it is their job to figure it out, not mine. The only thing is, how do I tell them?

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  1. do NOT, I repeat do NOT think it is your responsibility!!! And yes, three posts in one day is nice. My coffee time was extended this morning...