Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Taking My Time, Literally

No one should doubt my love for public transportation. I really do love it. For instance, when I was home and going out with Allison we had to take into consideration who would be the designated driver whereas when we went out in Z├╝rich we just had to take into consideration what time we should take the night train home.

The one thing that is a small hassle is when people tell you how long it takes to get somewhere, but they tell you in terms of driving. Sometimes public transport is more of a hassle and takes longer than it would to just drive. (Yes, I said it.)

For instance, The Mother was nice enough to give me a 10 day trial at her gym (T.B.'s mom also offered me hers, too bad I couldn't just add them together!). The Mother said, "Oh it's just five minutes away in X" (X being the town next to us). Five minutes, by car you mean. My journey started when I missed the bus (naturally) so I walked the mile to the train station, had to wait 15 minutes for the "slow train" because it is the only one that stops in this particular town. So we're already at a half hour here. Next I get on the train take that for two minutes and promptly get lost. I had to pick up Girl at a birthday party there once so I vaguely remember that it was next to the lake and across from the train tracks. Thank goodness for my sense of direction and good luck because I managed to find my way to the gym (only .86 of a mile from the station). I was starting to wonder if all that walking could just count for my workout? Long story (and aren't mine always long?) short, five minutes by car, 50 minutes by public transport.

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