Monday, January 18, 2010

A Social Experiment of Sorts

So after my 17.5 miles the only logical thing to do would be to go out. (Hey it was a Saturday night!) I decided, however, that even though I was going out I wasn't going to drink. Here are my reasons:
1. I've waxed poetic on it before but drinks in Switzerland are expensive, and since I have a large trip coming up (yeah Asia!) and I'm relatively poor buying drinks isn't always the best way to spend my money.
2. I developed this cough Friday. But it's not just any cough, it feels like a cat scratched down the inside of my throat and when I cough I sound like a seal barking--I thought perhaps alcohol might not be the best medicine.
3. I moved in a forward motion for 17.5 miles. If I put my body through any more torture (in the form of a vodka soda) I think it might have mutinied me.
4. Everyone says, "You don't have to drink to have fun!" so I thought I'd test it out as a social experiment of sorts.

I met my girlfriends at a pretty usual bar/quasi nightclub early in the evening and we had a good time chatting and catching up. A lot of our au pair friends joined so I was having a good time, but I think I was the only one. Every girl seemed to be in their own sort of world and wasn't into the place where we were. So we decided to leave around 12:00 and it was pouring down rain, now I should have taken that as a sign that I should just take my last bus home and not have to walk up the hill but I was determined to make my social experiment work. I went with some girls (had to say goodbye to people which forced me to run down the street to catch up--god bless you legs) to a new bar which was fine until I counted, one couple, two couple, three couple. And Jill. Since I'm not really one to be the 3rd wheel (or 7th for that matter) I decided that it was time to go home. I looked at my clock, 12:59. My train comes at 13 after the hour. I was far from the station. I would have to run. Damn. I booked it and made it to the station with three minutes to spare. Bought my night train ticket and looked to see where my train was supposed to be leaving from, track 51. But no, it was leaving from track FIVE. More all out sprinting, some guys thought it would be funny to stand in front of me and block my way but my shouting, "Ich habe kein zeit!" (I have no time!) and perhaps my barreling through them stopped the harassment. I got to my train at 1:13 and when I pressed the door to the button nothing happened. The ticket checkers were at that door and I pleaded with them to open it but they either couldn't or wouldn't. I ran down the train pressing every door with no luck, just as I was about to give up and succumb to sitting in the cold for an hour until my next train I saw three kids holding the door open for one of their friends. I ran to them and said what I believe to be the German equivalent of, "Holy [pant pant] shit [pant cough] thank [deep breath] you so [pant] much." I was hot and tired but at least I made the train! When the ticket checkers got to me the man looked at my night train pass and said a bunch of stuff in German to which I said (in German), "I'm sorry my German is very poor, please if you could speak slower." Then he explained that I bought the wrong night train ticket, for the wrong city. He said he didn't care (perhaps it was the look of dejection on my face) but to take care and buy the correct one next time. If I hadn't been using my arms to hold up my poor body I would have hugged him. I was so happy that I made the train and didn't get fined that I didn't even mind my mile uphill trek.

So perhaps my social experiment didn't go as well as planned but I'm not giving up! I'll definitely try it again, hopefully when everyone is in better spirits!

Today, however, was a great day. The sun was shining (for the first time in ages!) and the weather had hints of springtime. A wonderful day in Switzerland.

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