Friday, January 8, 2010

Proof of Paleness

I loved my trip to Barcelona for a number of reasons. It was a week of holiday (yes I am now one of those obnoxious people who refers to their vacations as "holiday"). It was a week of holiday at the beach. It was a week of holiday, at the beach, with awesome people. And it was cheap!

But let's get back to the beach part. I was tan. Really tan. So tan it looked like I had rubbed dirt on my face. (Which, to me, is ideal.)

This is me then:
This is me now:

Can't see it? That's because I am so pale.

Today, during lunch (hot dogs, because lately I've been worrying about all the meat I've had to cook), Girl said, "The brown spots on your face are disappearing." The brown spots being my freckles. The only thing keeping me from total pale-ness is now fading!

I wonder if it will be sunny in Korea?

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