Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pop Quiz!

The Mother has:

A.) Hermès watch
B.) A few Hermès scarves, belts, et cetera
C.) Hermès Birkin Bag!
D.) An underpaid, live-in employee
E.) All of the above


  1. gotta be D or E. i wish i knew what Hermés is. or Birkin for that matter. so uncultured.

  2. bahahhaha!!!! I choose E. Did she at least give you the plastic bag it all came in. You know, to put in your room in the basement?

    My morning coffee was a good laugh with this one!

  3. Jill has!

    A.) Loving parents
    B.) Wonderful brother
    C.) Great education
    D.) At least 1 awesome uncle from N.J.
    E.) Ability to live abroad
    F.) All of the above

    And the answer is (F) Enjoy your youth.-JC

  4. Haha thanks Uncle J! I do have all of that, you are correct. Why don't you guys come visit??? Family reunion, Swiss style!