Monday, January 11, 2010

Over-dramatic? Me?

For as long as I can remember I have been rather dramatic. It's true. And even though I know (usually) that I am being irrational, oftentimes, it is hard for me to stop. Of course during every freak-out my [saintly] mother tells me, "Jill in X amount of time, this won't be a big deal." And of course every time I think/say, "It is a big deal, and I'll never get over it." Who can forget my high school senior portraits? Oh yeah, that would be me. My need for Adidas track pants (the authentic, three stripe ones)? I like to pretend that I didn't have a track pants phase... The time when Jack lost (or thought he lost) the memory card to my camera (which still had pictures of my trip to London and skiing in the Alps on it, from a year before. Bad with loading photos as you all know)? Well I would still be mad but I probably shouldn't have has such a fit... So, of course, my mom is right. It never is as bad looking back (though I won't take back my opinions, because, at the time, it was a big deal and those were my real feelings!) I just know it isn't as happiness-threatening as I've made it out to be.

And, of course, my latest overly dramatic moment: freaking out about my job. Now I'm not saying it's all gravy now, but I think having two weeks away (not just off, but totally away and separated from my job) refreshed me. At least for a little while. Kristen and I were talking about this the other day and she said, "There's a reason most nannies only stay for six months. You burn out." Right before Christmas not only was I burnt, but I was charred, cremated and incinerated. (Told you I was dramatic! But I mean working eight straight weekends? That's a lot when you aren't supposed to work weekends...) So granted my job isn't making me miserable like it was for a while there, it doesn't mean I will extend my stay (like they keep offering).

I might be over-dramatic but I'm not crazy!


  1. They keep trying to pull me in. Throwing out all types of offers. I am loosing my game here missy!!!???!!??

  2. You mentioned your high school photo, Take a look at my baby picture.(It should be included with my comments)

  3. track pants. bahahahah!