Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's Coming...

The following post is:
1) Proof that I'm really not a bad au pair
2) Further proof that I'm going to have an awkward, confrontational (i.e. more direct), conversation soon
3) Weird because in exactly 3 months from today my contract ends (but seriously, who is counting?)

Scene: Me, washing dishes, The Father standing at counter after having changed out of work clothes

The Father: Man, I guess we're going to have to start putting out ads for the next au pair... Unless, you want to stay?
Me: Well I do want to stay, in Switzerland.
The Father: But, not as an au pair.
Me: Yeah, I just feel that I need a job-job. If I don't, I think my father will kill me for not putting my college degree into use.* *(Not sure if this is actually factual, but like I said, I don't like confrontation. I am actually the one who feels she is wasting her college education.)
The Father: Well what if we give you a different title? Like "Communications Coordinator," it would be the same responsibilities and pay, but with a different title.
Me: I'm not sure people would fall for that on my CV [European resumé], if I had a different job with the same family... (Awkward laugh & steer conversation towards the process of finding a new au pair.) It is still 6 months away, do you need to start this early?
The Father: Well we like to have a lenient end date for you, I guess at some point you need to start planning your life (insert mental thankyouverymuch here). So whenever you want to go home, and she can get here.
Me: I see. Well I'll be happy to talk to her. Speaking of CVs, can you write my letter of recommendation so I can attach it to mine? I'm sending some applications out.

Despite my being an extreme pushover I can't stay. Kristen and I shook on it tonight--we won't let one another sign up for another year. It's real job time!

Oh wait, does that mean I'll have to start paying rent?

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