Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dear Body, I'm Sorry

I've done some pretty stupid things to my body in my 23 years. I've spent too much time in the sun (love you Barcelona) with too little sunscreen. I've had too many drinks at Brews' resulting in too many everything bagels from River Road the next day. But today might be the most detrimental thing I've ever done.

Before my mom freaks out (I got a lot of my dramatic nature from her), let me explain. Last weekend Kristen and I were on the train to Luzern and I saw a path, she explained it is the path from Zug (close to her house) to Luzern. Since it was paved and plowed when she suggested that the next Saturday we try to run it I agreed. Did I mention it is 30 kilometers (which equals roughly 18.6 miles)?? It only looks lovely from the confines of a warm train.

So today we got a little lost trying to find the path (a small two mile detour) but once we got on I got into a five minute run/five minute walk stride. I was going along swimmingly for the first two hours, then the usually very well marked path began to get weird. Weird as in taking me up through the woods and placing me out on a farm (where I may or may not have run back and forth through the fields trying to find the path). Kristen and I were separated for the first two hours but with all my confusion we were trying to meet up, we figured she was about 20 minutes behind me before my little detour. Next thing I know I'm coming down the path and she's coming down the street.

After the first ten miles my hips were hurting (I'm getting old!) but otherwise I was fine, but getting mixed up really threw off my stride. We mostly just walked and wandered for the next five miles. We ended up going up this massive hill where, being my father's daughter, I was obnoxiously upbeat about going directly uphill. (Moll & Britt remember Cinque Terre? It was like that...) I think I remember my mother describing my father like that after their Colorado "vacation" hiking the Maroon Bells passes. Obnoxious uphill hiking must run in the family... After deciding that uphill climb was getting us nowhere and we didn't even want to go to Luzern we got on a [warm!] bus and headed back to Zug for a much deserved kebab. So we didn't make it to Luzern but I am very okay with that.

Of course my train home left me 20 minutes early for the bus and since I could either wait 20 minutes outside or walk the 15 home (more uphill!) I walked. Bringing my total mileage for the day to 17.28. Why? Why would I do this to myself? Maybe since I know the path I'll attempt it again. But certainly not anytime soon!

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