Thursday, January 14, 2010

Change is a Good Thing, Right?

A lot of people do not like change. Some might even abhor it. Me? I love change. I know, it sounds bizarre even when I type it, but I do. (I just rearranged my room because I was bored and needed a change.) I used to not like change, I had my life planned out (I would finish at my small, private, all-girls school in Maryland, go to UVA to play soccer [hi pipe dream] and then live in a Maryland suburb for the rest of my life where I would be the Redskins athletic trainer--of course I would day dream about this in Biology class Freshman year, note to self, you might have needed all that Bio to get into UVA and be an athletic trainer) anyway I had my life planned out. But as my dad (who quoted a Yiddish proverb) said, "Man plans, God laughs." So we moved to Minnesota. I started a new school which, to put it lightly, didn't suit me. I realized that if I could succeed and make friends at this new school I could transfer again and I'm sure I'd be just fine. I realized that change wasn't so bad.

Then I started to crave change. After two years at the same high school I was getting bored. Good thing I was off to Denison. Denison was constantly changing, the parts of campus we lived on, the seniors and freshmen, so though it got old sometimes, it was always changing. After school, as you all know, I came here. But now that I've been here for six months there is one change I do not like, nor will I get used to: The constant ebb and flow of au pairs. Most au pairs either start in January of the summer months, meaning that a lot of my friends just left. I went back to the au pair meeting yesterday and Kate (my Monday coffee friend!) who was always the first one there and usually having a showdown with the Swiss moms for our spot, wasn't there. And Kylie never showed up. In fact there were so few girls there that we almost didn't need our huge table. Although I look forward to meeting the new girls, a part of me wishes my friends could have just stayed.

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  1. My coffee is cold...from yesterday. Just sayin'...