Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two Things

I love a lot of things in this world. Perhaps it's just my predisposition to enjoy life but these are two of my favorite things.

1. My family. Seriously I know everyone loves their family, but not everyone likes their family. (Although I don't like all of my family all the time--I'm not perfect!) My family is so dang funny, my mom telling stories about trying to fix the computer, my dad's quick wit, or Jack's stories about life in Korea. We also know how to enjoy our time, yesterday when we were decorating the tree Jack said, "I know it's really early but I'd love a beer." My dad looked at his watch and I at the clock and deemed that 1:30 pm was most definitely not too early for a beer. Gotta love family.

2. The dentist. Now most people think I am truly crazy for loving the dentist, but I do. There are two things that I really, really don't like: getting in trouble and having food stuck in my teeth. So by preventing the second (i.e. flossing) I don't get in trouble at the dentist! My appointment went quickly today (a shame really) and at the end the hygienist said, "Wow! It's always so great to see such healthy teeth!" Clean teeth and a compliment? I'll take it.

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