Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Twice Is Not So Nice

Once was more than enough. Twice? Twice? TWICE?

Yes, the kids have LICE again. (Insert my mother's audible gasp here. Which, by the way, is the appropriate response. Thank you mom for understanding how much this grosses me out.)

When Mark told me this morning that, "The kids have lice again!" it was along the same lines as hearing:
-"We're adopting a baby and it'll be here January 1! So now you have another to take care of!"
-"We're having a baby and decided you should be the surrogate mother!"
-"We talked to your mom and dad and decided that you are going to be our au pair for another year!"
-"The kids have the week off of school!"
-"The au pair meeting has been canceled indefinitely!"
-"You're not allowed to go out on weeknights anymore!"

Okay so maybe it wasn't that bad, but I've always been a little dramatic.

I think it's time to shave some heads...

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