Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Trouble With Tuesday

I meant to write this yesterday

I hate Tuesdays. Seriously. It's not exactly a new thing (Tuesday was one of the only nights we didn't go out at Denison--meaning that you would have to go to the library and/or study, there is nothing good on T.V. on Tuesdays--not that I would know now) my disdain for Tuesdays. My first Tuesday in Switzerland and second day on the job I realized that I didn't like this job (to put in nicely) and told my mom and friend explicitly why. So Tuesdays are just full of I-hate-my-stinking-Swiss-life thoughts. I can't help it. My typical Tuesday goes: get the kids dressed, fed and onto the bus. Hang with T.B. until noon, home to finish my french homework, French lesson from 2-3, and kids get home at 3:45, force Mark to do some homework before swimming (painful), Mark goes to swim and I take Stephanie & French teacher's son to swim lessons (even more painful), come home with two tired, cranky, annoying children, hang up wet stuff while setting table and making dinner and trying to keep my sanity. I don't know how regular parents (i.e. parents without hired "help") do it, let alone single parents.

Yesterday I had this epiphany: there are some things in life that you love and are great at (reading, spending money, talking on the phone and/or text messaging), things in life that you love but aren't so great at (lacrosse and squash, packing for trips), things in life that you are bad at and hate (chemisty) and then things that you hate and a great at (being an au pair).

Okay so hate is a strong word, but hey, it [was] a Tuesday.

And today being Wednesday I'm in a much better mood! Especially since Mark, although he has a "cough", chose to go to school when his mom told him he could stay home (staying home means that I stay home too). Also it's my friend Jack's birthday and since I don't know how to change the picture on my heading (sorry) I thought I'd post this stalker-shot he took when he visited Z├╝rich to appease him. Happy Birthday!


  1. appeased. i am still pretty sure that picture would win any stalker-shot-blog-header-picture awards out there (there are plenty), and i would be willing to share the award with the author.

    also, thanks for the bday shoutout!

  2. I'm pretty sure I live in groundhog day and never leave Tuesdays...ugh. Has it been 5 months yet?????