Monday, December 14, 2009

Slightly More Swiss

In the United States we shake hands.
In France they kiss on the cheek twice.
In Switzerland they either hug you or shake your hand and kiss you three times, for hello and goodbye.

I actually don't mind the greeting, I like that it seems to personal. At the end of my first lacrosse practice the girls on the team were doing it to me, and after I went out for drinks with some of the guys lacrosse players they did it too (only to girls I've noticed).

In America when I walked into a room with a bunch of my friends I'd say, "Hey guys!" but here you say, "Hey everyone," and then go and shake everyone's hand, kiss them and say hello. Even the kids on the bus do it. The other day a bunch of 5th-6th graders (I think?) were heading home from school and at each of their respective stops they shook everyone's hand and said bye to them. The same kids that a second before were hitting their friends and playing pranks on them. I like the personal greetings from Switzerland, but for those of you with a personal space bubble (I have none) you might not like it so much.

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  1. It's one of my favorite things here! It's like getting to first base every time you walk out (or in) the door. :)