Wednesday, December 23, 2009

House & Home

I would say that I am pretty good at acclimating to my surroundings. Many of my friends' houses, dorm rooms (even ones that weren't mine), and the apartments of others have felt like second homes. One place that is most decidedly not my home? The house in Switzerland. To be fair for a number of years after out D.C.-Minnesota move I labeled our home phone "House" in my cell phone instead of "Home" in protest of our move, but the house in Switzerland really doesn't feel like a home at all. Sure it's familiar, but I realized familiarity doesn't necessarily mean home.

My house at home I can flop on any couch, chair, floor, or anywhere really and read a book, or watch t.v. or chat with my parents about something. The same for my friend's house in Chicago where I just was, I am totally comfortable there. My house in Switzerland? Well I feel awkward sitting on the couch unless the family isn't home, so if I'm at the house I am pretty much holed up in my room (which isn't exactly private as Anna has to walk in and out to do laundry in the laundry room...). And you all wondered why I go out so much!

My privacy at Denison was very limited (if there was any at all) and that is how I loved it. Friends in and out of your room at all times was great! But let me tell you it's a different story when it's your employer walking in and out of your room. My house in Switzerland definitely doesn't compare with my home in Minnesota.

A house does not a home make.

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