Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Brithday!!!!

Since it is Kristen's Birthday and she along with my uncles (hey guys!) are the people that read this most often, I wanted to do a special list. I decided to copy-ish her great "Note" and write 27 of the best memories/things/experiences I've had so far in my 5.5 months (and of course, many of them include you Kristen).

In no particular order:

1. My weekend in Milan with Gabri (jealous Ellen?)
2. Any time I ate Nutella and/or a Kebab
3. Kylie’s blog (and Carambars)
4. My trip to Barcelona
5. How tan I was after my trip to Barcelona
6. The week I spent at their house in France (not just because the next week was my holiday and I kept singing Annie’s “Tomorrow”) because it’s full of history & I got to practice my French
7. Our hotel at the Matterhorn (50 CHF! And towels!)
8. Edi’s Weinstube (Thank you for offering the cheapest beer in Zürich)
9. The 4th of July party where I met Allison
10. The Swiss Superbowl
12. Street Parade
13. Coffee Mondays with Kate
14. That Thanksgiving dinner night that ended up in me “swimming” in Lake Zürich (freezing fyi)
15. Seeing old friends in new places
16. Going to new countries on a whim
17. Lacrosse
18. Our trip to Interlaken
19. Halloween
20. My Gleis 7
21. The mom of T.B.
22. Fondue, Raclette & Rösti--yumm
23. My gossip sessions with Anna that always go too late
24. No open container laws. (i.e. taking a bottle of wine from one bar to the next with Allison)
25. Kareokee with Laiza (especially hearing her sing!)
26. The au pair meeting
27. In a word: Oktoberfest. I don’t think I could have had a better time sleeping on a Metro Bench with any other people.


  1. YYYEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Teeth-kicker-innerDecember 17, 2009

    #13 FTW