Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Catch-Up

Sorry I've been away! We had a lovely at-home holiday and I've been so busy at home that I've had less time for this!

Christmas Eve and Christmas were great. I got to see one of my best friends from high school on Christmas Eve which is always so much fun. And we had a lovely dinner on Christmas Eve with some family friends and great fun playing this Scrabble game (Howie you'd love it) which my dad won even when he wasn't trying to play. It's hard to win at a words game with a guy that knows just about every obscure 2-7 letter word in the dictionary. I don't know how he retains all that information.

Christmas was also great--we haven't had a Christmas with the four of us in two years so it was nice to do that again. We opened presents (Santa was really, really nice this year. I think it has something to do with not living in my parent's house and my parents not having any more tuition that made Santa very generous...) and had a big breakfast, hung out at the house, had a great (bison) dinner and watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Now if you know my family you might notice a lot of similarities between us and the Griswold family, (I think our Europe trip in 1996 was modeled after their European vacation movie) so it was a lot of fun. After that I met up with two friends from high school at one of our esteemed local bars where we all felt rather uncomfortable as it was a high school reunion of people we didn't necessarily ever want (or expect) to see again. A very American cultural experience I guess I could say.

The day after Christmas, or Boxing Day to all you Canadians, I went out to breakfast at one of my favorite breakfast places, ordered too much food, per usual, and later in the day went to a Denison friend's Boxing Day party. All of which were a blast.

The morning I was leaving Anna said, "Have a great trip, enjoy your time at home. And please come back." I definitely want to go back to Switzerland, just maybe not back to work....

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  1. Played trivial pursuit with your father once, seems he knows ALOT about EVERYTHING.-Joe