Saturday, December 12, 2009

All Hail Apple

Sorry for the delay of posting, but, for once, I have an excellent excuse: My hard drive crashed. Which to those technologically un-savvy people (meaning me) is a very very bad thing. My computer would still turn on and some things would work but most the time it went very, very slow and the internet wouldn't even open (the horror!).

So this morning I took my baby (yes I will call an inanimate object a baby and a real baby a "thing") to the Apple store in Zürich and it wouldn't even turn on. You know how when cars have issues and you take it to the shop it no longer has the problem, well my computer had the opposite. Now it had so many problems I didn't know where to start. The wonderful Apple Genius Bar technician got the screen to work and did all these tests and said, "Yeah, I think it is the hard drive. I hope we can recover your stuff, we'll try really hard." So of course I tried not to cry because, of course, I don't have an external hard drive (will obtain one ASAP). I thought of all my papers, all my music, all my pictures down the drain. The only silver lining to this storm cloud was that my computer is under warranty for 19 more days (god bless the three year warranty) so it would be free to replace the hard-drive and 100 CHF if they were able to recover and transfer my files. The lovely Karin said they would probably be done today, and definitely by Monday and that they would call me as soon as it was fixed. I told her, "If you can only save some things, please save the pictures and the music first! The papers are secondary!" Sort of like with sinking ships, "Save the women and children first"--come on three years of pictures is more important to me than a paper I wrote on 18th Century British literature...

I went to breakfast with one of my friends (hard to eat with the nervous/anxious pit filling your stomach) and kept my phone in my lap, just in case the store called. They called at noon. My new hard drive was in and they were able to save my files!!! I nearly cartwheeled across the tables!! I danced back into the Apple store and retrieved my baby. The man just handed it to me and I [stupidly] said, "Don't I need to pay?" But he said the most magical words, "Nope, it is all covered under warranty." I checked to make sure things were working and my iTunes didn't load--so naturally I freaked out a little. Karin said I just needed the updates and it would all be fine. So I did a very un-Swiss but very American thing, I hugged her. I love Apple, because even in another country they fixed my computer in less than three hours for free.

They even managed to save my 18th Century British Literature papers!

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  1. Life is as it should be now...