Monday, December 28, 2009

All About Attitude

A couple Christmases ago my Aunt Claudia gave me a book called, "The Secret." About the secret to a happy life. And (spoiler alert) it's all about your attitude. Which is also what my mom has been saying. Even in the newspaper this morning there was an advice column all about having a positive attitude, even for things one doesn't particularly enjoy.

So I'll give it a go. I'll attempt to change my attitude. Instead of being annoyed that I've had to ask Mark seven times to put his shoes away and start his homework I'll feel lucky because some people don't have the opportunity (or voice) to nag!

Kidding, but I will try really hard to be more up-beat about it. And I will travel more so I can have funny stories about sleeping on a metro station bench! (Which really was fun)

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