Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aging (Not) Gracefully

Today is my last day of being 22. Twenty-three is not exactly something I want to be. Now I know plenty of people who read this are all older than me, but I when 22 is the oldest you've ever been, 23 seems old. I promise. My friends tell me 23 is still early twenties but still. Twenty three? Yeeeesh. At least I'm not an old maid like Allison (haha kidding!)

It's weird because a year ago if some one had asked me where I'd be on my 23 birthday my answer would have been sub-Saharan Africa with the Peace Corps, not ice skating with a five year old in Switzerland (and my last evening as a 22 year old wouldn't have been spent going to a Christmas concert of an eight year old). It just goes to show you how things can change in a year! Since I love a good list I thought I'd compile one of
Stuff I Did in My 22nd Year:
  • Graduated from college
  • Made it through senior week alive
  • Managed to get a job in a foreign country
  • Managed to get a Visa
  • Moved to a new country
  • Traveled to a couple new countries
  • Learned some French (did well on my test today by the way!)
  • Got health insurance on my own (which is hard anywhere but harder in a foreign country)
  • Didn't become a social hermit (aka I made friends) in the new country
  • Got people to read my blog (gotcha!)
  • Re-kindled my love affair with Nutella
  • Learned how to pack lightly (Just kidding! I wouldn't want to go too overboard)
Stuff I'd Like to Do in Year 23:
  • Become fluent in French
  • Travel more (Korea here I come)
  • Save money (kind of hard with the above goal)
  • Get a "real job"
  • Get a "real job" in a foreign country
Any other suggestions?

Also I'd like to say thanks to all the people who read this, I really do appreciate it (and of course, the people who comment!). And thanks to Jess because 1. her e-mail made my Thanksgiving 2. she threw me a birthday pizza party in the library last year (which was impressive because she got pizzas delivered to the library and kicked someone out of study room so we could take a break from the pre-finals workload!) I love & miss you Jess!


  1. Do you want me to take the purse back and just get you a cane to walk around with? You can have mine....

  2. I love you Jillard, and I know you love teh foreign lands, and because you love them I love them but I'd love it if you would come home for awhile so taht we could get a little bit lost together and sing a sily tune! xox all the best JessEH