Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You Can Come Back Now

Many of you might remember my friend Allison from my first posts about Switzerland. She was my very first friend (and a Minnesotan at that!) here in Switzerland and was the reason I had so much fun those first few weeks (well her and the football team that we went out with!). Unfortunately Allison has left the country for a couple of months while the Swiss government approves her work visa. Apparently when you want to start a company you have to comply with all the rules and regulations--like not being an illegal alien. She will be back (no option Allison, we are getting that apartment your family thinks we already have) but I am definitely bummed that she won't be here until January/February. All you Minnesotans--watch out! She's back!

So here a few extremely valuable things that Allison taught me: (wow this sounds so sappy)
  • When people tell you it's okay for you to come along, they mean it. (And in the case of her and Kevin not make you feel like a 3rd wheel. Actually it was Kevin that was usually the 3rd wheel when we were together...)
  • That drinks are incredibly expensive in Switzerland--and it's okay to bitch about it.
  • The Zuschlag (or however you spell it)--This is the 5 CHF supplement to your ticket that you have to buy when you take the night train. If you don't have this it's a large fine. She & Kevin taught me this on our first night out in Switzerland... I also wouldn't have been out in Zürich that night if I hadn't met her.
  • That age doesn't matter. Unless its six und zwanzig! Kidding!
  • That it is okay to live abroad and still like America.
  • She was the first person that told me she read my blog on her own accord (so this excludes the people required to read this--M&D) and that she thought it was good & a little funny. (Probably because she was in all of my first posts but that's okay!)
  • Some cool pilates moves.
  • Girlfriends and girls' nights are a necessity.
  • Starbucks isn't so bad (did I just say that?!)
  • That baked goods are dangerous but really thoughtful.
  • That a Swiss resumé is different than one from the States.
  • That it is really fun to talk to some one about your home and have them know exactly where and what you are describing.
  • That you do feel better after running up and down hills. (I said after not during)
  • She's the kind of friend that can convince you to go out, stay out later than you planned and have a better time than you thought you could!
See you soon-ish Allison!How could we pass up a photo opportunity with this random Minnesota t-shirt sighting?

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