Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where's the Relating in this Relationship?

Last night I started thinking about relationships--not just romantic but ones you have with your family, friends, and most of all, employers. The hard thing about relationships, aside from the one you have with yourself, is not knowing what the other person is thinking. It's crazy that one person can be trying to say "I love you," while the other wants to say, "I think we should see other people." Other relationships can be so seamless and effortless you wonder how you ever got on without that person. But even in the most picture perfect relationship there will always be a couple flaws. Take a seemingly perfect relationship: Jill & Nutella. To an outsider our relationship might seem ideal and without problem, but you see, Nutella is a bit clingy (mainly to my arm and hip area)--so even though I love Nutella, I can't be with it all day every day. There are some relationships that are tumultuous from the start and it takes a while for you to realize the beauty in them. For instance, the walk from the train to my house. From previous posts one might recall how I loathe my walk up from the train. It's .96 of a mile, uphill and every house/apartment I pass I wish that I resided there. But even though I don't like this walk, sometimes (when I need to stop and catch my breath) I'll turn around and in front of my is a gorgeous lake, to one side I can see Z├╝rich and to the other, snow covered mountains--the view is so breathtaking (which is difficult because I'm already trying to catch my breath), it reminds me of why I moved to Switzerland. (Well the beauty of Europe, not the other reason of avoiding the "real world")

Perhaps the most difficult relationship to figure out is that of an au pair with his/her respective "family." A lot of us call them our "host parents" but I always feel uncomfortable doing that, because this lady is definitely not my mom, but she is a mom that is technically hosting/employing me... They can easily lower or lift my mood (which happens a lot)--sometimes I even have a hard time keeping up with my manic moods! It's also a tough relationship because what are you? Employee; servant; doormat; family member; mooch? I don't necessarily love-love-love being an au pair, but I do love the opportunities that this job has afforded me: I love the free time I have to explore the city, I love having weekends to travel (although I'm babysitting quite a lot in the upcoming weeks...), I love the fabulous friends I've made, and I love living abroad. And I know that without being an au pair I might not have had all the other things that came along with it.

Sorry for my random ramblings. I just started thinking about relationships because last night, Anna and I were talking about my job search in Switzerland. She said, "Well if you don't have a job by July," (which is when my contract runs out) "we would love to extend your visa and have you stay for as long as you can," (my visa could be extended for another 12 months) "or until you find a job. We're so happy to have you and love you and would love for you to stay."

And all I could think was, "I have got to find a job by July!! I can't do this for another year!!"

I told you relationships are tricky.

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  1. You call me "K" now. Are the 6 other letters just too hard to push????