Thursday, November 19, 2009

Umm Awesome

Tonight I was doing some French homework (yes, I am no longer in school and yes, I still have homework) and I had to read an article about a celebrity's typical Christmas because pretty soon I will have to write an essay about my "typical Christmas." (Which, come to think of it, my family hasn't had in a while... I think the last "typical" Christmas was the year my dad got the tree without me--it fell over, twice I think, and had to be tied to the walls with string. Bad choice of tree, but at least the four of us were all there!) Anyway, I was reading this article when I realized, I am reading this article. In French. Reading. In French. And I understand it. And it isn't a children's book (though sometimes I don't understand those either).

That is awesome.

There are some other awesome things (though maybe none as exciting as realizing I can read French!):
  • The other day I was grabbing money from my secret stash to go with Stephanie to buy a birthday present (don't worry mom, I was reimbursed. And also why is: a) Hello! Kitty so popular still? b) Why is it so expensive?! Thirteen francs for a pen?! Oh yeah... it's Switzerland) and I realized that I had one more 100 CHF bill than I thought! It was like when you find a $20 in your jacket pocket... but five times better.
  • My friend Kylie's blog. It is clever, well written, creative and definitely funnier than mine. (Plus she loves Nutella too).
  • SuperSaver Tickets. You can look up & buy cheaper train tickets. Saving money? Always awesome.
  • I am seeing friends from Denison this weekend in Geneva! Traveling=awesome. Traveling to meet up with Denisonians=even better.
  • The au pair meeting on Wednesdays.
  • Family members reading your blog (Hi Uncle Joe & Aunt La & Uncle Jerry!)
  • Hearing American teenagers. I know this sounds weird, because teenagers are pretty annoying (I know, I was one) but I heard a bunch of them on the bus this evening and it's nice to know that even though these kids are living in Switzerland, teenagers are still teenagers, no matter the country.
  • Wednesday after the au pair meeting I was walking around town with my friend Kate. It was a beautiful "downright balmy" (as Kate put it) November day, we were walking around a gorgeous European city--and this is our "job." That's awesome. And to make it even better? We decided, at 2:30 in the afternoon, to enjoy Z├╝rich a little more with a beer. No open container rule? Not to be redundant, but that's awesome.
Happy (almost) Weekend!


  1. awesome you mentioned my name in your blog-joe

  2. Thanks for the mention! It was especially funny because when I was thinking about my blog before I wrote it, I'd already put you in it. You Nutella traitor, you!