Monday, November 30, 2009


There are two daily staples to what I wear (aside from the running clothes every morning): my hair in a ponytail (it's either sleep or do my hair in the morning--clearly the choise is obvious) and a Longchamp.

A Le Pliage Longchamp is a type of purse that can also be classified as Mary Poppins' Bag Part 3 (Part 1 being the act
ual Mary Poppins bag and Part 2 being that damn Vera Bradley duffel bag). These bags can hold anything and everything. On any given day I will usually be dragging my large red one or the small grey one. I love them (the grey one too much--time to let that bad boy go) because they hold so much.

Here's a sample o
f my daily purse contents:
-1/2 filled water bottle (with water fountains all over Z├╝rich who needs to fill it all the way up?!)
-Earlier in the year it was a jacket and/or scarf--now it's gloves and a hat
-Smaller Vera Bradley wristlet thing (yes Moll I know you hate them) filled with "emergency stuff": chapstick, matches (?!), eyedrops, Redskins pin (!?), allergy medicine, Neosporin, and a CPR breathing face-shield (never can be too prepared)
-Wallet & Public Transit Pass
-2-3 things of chapstick rolling around in the bottom
-Pens & Mechanical Pencil
-Small notebook to make my ever present To Do lists
-My Planner (everyone at the au pair meeting knows how attached I am to it)
-Map of Europe (Thanks Dad)
-Book and/or iPod
-1 toy/hair clip/accessory for a child
-Anywhere between 4 and 27 bobby pins & a safety pin or two

If I have my French lesson or French homework I have my books in the bag.
Or magazines to bring to the au pair meeting.
And if I go out at night I will undoubtedly stick my flats to wear after the 20 minutes of wearing heels--I don't even know why I own heels because I hate them so.

I know all this stuff isn't necessary to carry around all the time but I swear if I ever forget my First Aid supplies my eyes will get itchy (stupid cats) and/or I will cut myself and need the Neosporin.

Sorry for the lame post--Promise to be more interesting soon but I've got to go study for my French test demain!


  1. Why isn't there a Swiss army knife in that bag??? You were raised to know better.

  2. Thank god for your flats!!!!