Monday, November 16, 2009


After my lazy Friday night I decided that going out on Saturday was non-negotiable (especially since Allison leaves me for three months on Tuesday!). We met up with some friends in Zürich and had a blast but I was trying to be mindful of the time (because I had a lacrosse play-date on Sunday and I had to get up at 7 to make it to some teammates' apartment so I could get a ride to our mini-games). When I decided it was time I should go I realized I only had ten minutes to make my train... and was at least 15 minutes from the train station. I then had to wait for the 3:05 am train to take me home. I got in around 3:45 (stupid uphill walk) fell into bed and awoke right at the crack of 7:30. Saving you the expletives that I thought when I woke up late (thank you alarm clock for not working?? It always works!) I figured I could: a) grab my stuff (pre-packed from the night before) and run down to the train and try to make the 7:41 train into Zürich so I could make it with enough time to get to their apartment by 8:15 or b.) Realize that maybe this will be another lacrosse-day like the one in Bern (where I had to sprint to the next town's train station only to feel like death and not play well), apologize to the girls and go back to bed. Now usually I would pick A because I have guilt about not doing something I said I would (even if it doesn't seem appealing anymore) but for once I picked B. All day I felt terrible for not going but there's another in January so next time, I'll be there.

So since we all know I go out, and when I go out I have a "cold adult beverage" or two, and sometimes that results in not feeling your best the next morning. Well let me tell you, Switzerland is a pretty great country to have a hangover in. 1. Everyone's quiet on public transportation. They even have quiet cars in the trains for people who want to be really, really quiet. 2. Free water! All the fountains in Switzerland (unless otherwise labeled) are flowing clean, cold water. All you have to do is bring your own bottle and you've got water! (Although, my friend Aubree pointed out that yes the water is free, but they make you pay for public toilets!--Which is true, but there are a couple of free bathrooms, all of which I have made a mental note of). 3. Nothing is open on Sundays... Except the junkie food restaurants/stores! Too much to drink and no food at home? Well since you can't go to the market and get stuff for a salad you have to eat a kebab! No guilt there, because you physically can't get to the good food!

So not that this happens to me a lot, but Switzerland is definitely a good place to suffer through a hangover. (Got that Howie? Now come visit me!)

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