Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It's almost Thanksgiving (half an hour until Thanksgiving in Switzerland!) and I decided this post should be about the thing I am missing most lately.

The bus.

Now as a very punctual person (like I said last time, my dad instilled that quality in me from an early age) I hate to be late. It give me anxiety and nerves when I feel late, so I try to avoid that as often as possible. Now that I live in perhaps the most punctual country in the world, I am constantly late. Especially for public transportation. (Oh the irony)

I have two options for buses in my town--one that takes me seven minutes to the train station or one that takes me 20 minutes directly into Zürich, both come twice per hour. The annoying thing is they come 14 and 17 (and 44, 47) respectively--so if I miss one, I usually miss the other. In Switzerland, at least on the buses, if no one is waiting at the stop or if no one on the bus wants to get off the bus, the bus will just drive by the stop. Fortunately for me, both of my buses are the last (or first, depending on how you look at it) stop on the line, so it has to wait until the designated departure time.

The bus drivers for the bus in my town are pretty familiar with me. Because at about Xhour 13 minutes and 47 seconds I, without fail, come tearing around the corner and run like a bat out of hell to my stop. Usually they smile and open the door for me. This is not exactly the case with the Zürich direct bus. Lately, as I've been running to the bus, it's driven off without me. I'm so close but I don't make it. Of course I will not wait around for a half hour so I do the only logical thing: I cut it off. No, I do not run into the street and force myself on, but this bus takes a longer route and from my runs to Zürich I know a shortcut. So I turn around and run (like a bat out of hell again) down this hill (Cait you know how I hate to sprint downhill) and cut it off. I have four minutes to make it and I always do. Of course I'm always sweating and out of breath, but hey, I make it!

It happened again today, and when I got on the bus the driver said (in Swiss German), "Was that you at the top?"
Me: "Yes."
Bus Driver: "Why didn't you wave your arms? We could have stopped!"
Me: "Oh. Well, the running is good for me."
Bus Driver: "You usually run in dresses?"

Well no, but I didn't want to be late.


  1. Maybe you should ask Santa for a watch for Xmas
    Have a nice Thanksgiving, I bought your cousin Cassidy a big jar of Nutella, we will be eating that with our dinner.~Joe

  2. I did ask for a watch for Christmas! Let's hope he gets it...

    Happy Thanksgiving Uncle Joe! I'm glad to hear that Nutella might soon become a Carr Thanksgiving staple!

    Lots of love from Switzerland!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. The bus I take comes at :05 and :35. That's it. One bus. When I miss it, I'm screwed. It makes me miss my car...