Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm Having Fajitas for Dinner

Some days it seems, no matter what you do, nothing is going to go your way. Well, today was not one of those days (and you all thought this was going to be another drag of a post... oh ye of little faith!).

Today was, is, and will continue to be a great day. And here's why:

  • I had my favorite breakfast: museli. Yogurt with fruit and some granola mixed in, like a parfait, but better.
  • I managed to get dressed this morning in a nice outfit (Anna told me I looked chic, this coming from a woman who looks chic in sweats) and this baby I'm seeing only spit up on it once! (Yes, I'm seeing a baby. I can't quite give more details... sorry!)
  • The week's forecast was heavy rain all week. The actual weather was about as far from that as possible--sunny, big fluffy picturesque clouds, a slight chill in the air but sitting in the sun was awesome--which is where I sat with this baby.
  • The baby slept almost the entire time which allowed me the time to read Dave Barry. Dave Barry is definitely one of the funniest people I've never met. I couldn't help but laugh out loud on multiple occasions. Many of these occasions were on public transportation, which resulted in attempted laughter stifling, which resulted in laughing harder, so hard, in fact, until I cried. Which then resulted in a drunk man moving seats on the train to get away from me. (Double plus).
  • The mom was late to return home but she brought me back chocolates from the Lindt factory--umm please be late every day? And let me just go off on a tangent about chocolate please: Swiss chocolate is the bomb, definitely better than a Hershey bar, much, much better. Now my mom always told me that Hershey's chocolate was gross, not real chocolate blah blah. I never wanted to spend more money on "better" chocolate, when I liked the cheap stuff (consequently that is still how I feel about wine, why buy a nice bottle when for a fraction of the cost I could get a whole box!!) but seriously this chocolate is incredible.
  • I went into Z├╝rich to get tickets to the ballet for Saturday (yeah! I'm doing something cultural). I decided, since I went on a rant about language the other day, that I should attempt to buy the tickets in German. So I went up, told the woman that I wanted to buy two tickets for Raymonda on Saturday night. Her reply? "You asked that in very good German." (She was Australian) I was so pleased with myself that if there wasn't a plexi-glass barrier I would have hugged her. (Also, why is there a glass barrier?? Are the Swiss so crazed about their Opera tickets that it necessitates a barrier between them?) The best part of this exchange: my ticket was 20 CHF.
  • After that I made my tram, train, and bus in perfect timing.
  • Lastly and the BEST part of the day: I HAD THE AFTERNOON OFF! Now I know most of you think I don't really work, which is mostly true but this is still my first afternoon off in four months, save for the ones where they went out of town. It is fabulous because for once I could meet my non-au pair friends for after work drinks, I could go out to dinner, I could do whatever I wanted. Instead: I went to my friend K's house and painted with her and her kids! It was/is a blast (I'm still there) and about to go on the coveted Eliptical machine. The Eliptical is a workout machine, and since K. lives with an American family she has one at her house. (Starting to re-think this whole "adult job" in DC now Moll, eh? You could be an au pair with an elitpical in your house!) After my workout we will be catching up on the episodes of Glee (this family has AppleTV which is also awesome). Oh and she's making fajitas for dinner (you didn't think I would be cooking, did you?)
Does it get better than this? Probably not. Happy Thursday!

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  1. "I made my tram, train, and bus in perfect timing." This really is the end to a perfect day in Switzerland.