Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Well I would tell you all about my Halloween but who wants another post about going out, staying out until 6 am and having a really great time? In short: I was a pirate for Halloween (my shirt, shoes & skirt--which actually was a shirt as well--were from a Bröckenhaus, the hat, eye patch, and hook--haha--were borrowed from Mark, and the red tights were my mothers--a very economical costume if I do say so myself.) Went to a friend's party (the bloodied biker) and then out in Zürich. Had a fabulous time, as always.

But the real news is: Today is my four month anniversary in Switzerland! Four months may not seem like a long time to you, but it is a) the longest I've been away from home and b) the longest I've been out of the country. (When I lived in Vienna I was gone for exactly four months). The odd thing is I feel like I've only been here a week while simultaneously feeling like I've been here ages--as Mark would say, "It's quite odd."

So in honor of my anniversary I'd like to share a few of the things that I've learned over the past four months:
  • Seriously, nothing is better than having an agenda/date book. No I'm not talking a CrackBerry or iPhone, a real-life, hand written calendar. It's wonderful and as most anyone can tell you, always with me.
  • Skype. Is. Awesome. Especially because I can still text Heabs "Hey there... Heaberg" whenever I need to.
  • That the Swiss are pretty clever with their inventions. Although it took me two months to learn how to properly close the shower (I swear, it's tricky!) now that I know, it's pretty dang clever.
  • The one invention the Swiss really didn't master is the washing machine. I cannot tell you how many things (especially my beloved undergarments) are discolored, off-colored, or ugly colored because of it. White t-shirts? I'm sorry, you must have meant my slightly grey t-shirt... It sucks and I want my clothes back!
  • That when I go pick up the kids at 4:30 on Wednesday we will play on the playground, having fun and be laughing/joking/singing/dancing in the car on the ride home but by the time I pull into the garage, one of them will be crying and/or (yes and/or) having a hissy fit and I will be at the end of my rope.
  • That sometimes the kids are so sweet or funny that I almost entertain the idea of doing this for another year (ALMOST I said). Like tonight at dinner: the French have this joke/saying/custom (not sure what it is) that when a girl tosses the salad (not throwing up, but literally tosses the salad) and doesn't spill any, then she is ready to get married. Well the kids are acutely aware of when I spill some, and tonight I didn't spill any. Stephanie's eyes immediately grew wide and she said, "You're marrying!" Me: "Who?" Stephanie: "You're boyfriend!" (She is obsessed with love at the moment) Me: "But I don't have a boyfriend." Stephanie: "Well make one!" If only it were that easy...
  • That even though Switzerland is so dang expensive it's a great place to live: safe, clean, and fun (admit it Kristen).
  • That I will always miss Denison and will probably never stop talking about it. (And you all thought Molly would have the hardest time letting go)
  • That traveling is the best anecdote to restlessness--and traveling alone really isn't that bad.
  • That it pays to be dressed for the weather.
  • That sometimes an afternoon of lounging at a friend's house, eating kebabs & Nutella (LOVE YOU) and watching Friends is better than exploring some fabulous European city.
  • That it is okay to resent your employer for a little bit, even though you wouldn't be having this fabulous opportunity if it weren't for them. (I mean ironing a wash cloth--seriously?)
And please, feel free to add to this list!

There is, however, one thing I have yet to learn: how to turn on the television. (I can almost hear Moll's gasp across the Atlantic). We even have American t.v. shows, but its just so darn confusing with the three remotes, so I don't even bother! Maybe in another four months I'll have tackled that... Maybe.


  1. HAHAHA. I love you so much. I think I'll just copy and paste this onto my blog. was 6 months before I worked out how to turn on the TV....before that I pressed a bunch of buttons every time, hoping one would work...until it did.
    ready for it.......drumroll....
    to turn it on, you press, a channel number. ie 1. NOT the on/off button as you would presume.