Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Today, Friday the 13th by the way, just didn't start out well. I woke up [late] rushed to wake the kids up, make lunches & snacks (Friday is the only day I have to make lunches--how did you stand it mom?) get them dressed, brushed (teeth & hair) and onto the bus on time. I hate being or feeling late (a trait inherited from my father). But the day was beautiful and relatively warm so I should have been cheered up, but I was in this funky mood all day, nothing was really wrong, but nothing was really right either. It was definitely ennui. I didn't have any fun weekend travel plans (I need a trip, asap), I don't need any new clothes (want & need are apparently two different things according to my mother) so there is no reason to shop, Anna & Will get home tomorrow so I'm not sure if I should stick around here or if I can go do my own thing tomorrow... whatever I was just in some sort of weird, apathetic, bored mood.

I got the perfect cheer-me-up idea! Nutella! Yes, I bought a jar of Nutella. And guess what? Although it is delicious it is not what I wanted--bored of Nutella! Something must be wrong. Then I got the ennui-reducing news: lacrosse practice! Friday practices have been resumed and we have some winter play dates on Sundays (this Sunday being one). I made it to practice and the first thing we had to do: run five laps (around the tennis courts we now practice on--because they have lights & perhaps because they make us run a bit faster after those ground balls). I was definitely regretting the last spoonful of Nutella as I ran around the courts but I was grateful to be moving! Practice was great (even the part where I intercepted a ball [yes!] then turned to run and wiped out... completely). Plus the team was excited to see me and to help me practice my German.

So lesson learned: Nutella is (surprisingly) not the answer to every problem.

Also I really do like when people comment so keep 'em coming! Maybe I should post a question at the end so it will compel people to comment...

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  1. Suck it up girlie. You live in Europe. Yes, I can say this. 1. I am an au pair. 2. My job is 3x that of yours. 3. I can say this to you and you still want to hang with me on the off chance I have time. :)