Monday, November 9, 2009


It is amazing how familiar you get with people's moods, characteristics, routines, et cetera. I came to the realization (last week) that since I brought all these nice clothes (remember the 150 pounds of luggage?) I really should start wearing them. Since the temptation to wake up, throw on running clothes (to persuade myself that since I'm dressed, I really should go for a run) and start my day was proving too great in the morning I have taken to laying out my clothes the night before so I can throw them on instead of my shorts and fleece. Well this morning I had my running clothes on (for a later Pilates date with Allison--I'm still in pain!) and Mark looked at me and said, "Now you look like Jill." Shoot.

Also in terms of the familiar there is French. French, like German, has different forms of the word, "you." So there is "tu" form of you, meaning the informal "you," which you'd say to a peer, family member, or some one younger than you. The "vous" form is the more formal "you," which you say to a boss, older person, or some one you don't know too well. For each of the verbs in French (and German) you conjugate it differently. So for instance with common verbs, ones that end in er, you have:
Je parle (I speak)
Tu parles (He speaks)
Il/Elle parle (He/she speaks)
Nous parlon (We speak)
Vous parlez (You or they speak)
Ils/elles parlent (He/she plural speaks)
Difficile, n'est pas?
Anna & Will are on a holiday this week (celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary) and their great-aunt (who I met that week I spent at their house in France) is staying with us helping out. She only speaks French so it is great for me to practice (although the kids hate it when I speak anything other than English) but it is difficult because since they are all family members they use to "tu" form in verb conjucation and I have to wrack my brain to remember the "vous" form when speaking to her. Trust me, it is harder than it sounds, so there are a lot of awkward pauses while I go through the six ways to conjucate a verb!!

Lastly, tonight at dinner when I tossed the salad, I didn't drop any of it. Stephanie looked at me and said, "You are marrying!" Meaning, you're getting married! I told her that if I got married I'd have to move out and into a house with my husband. Her eyes got big and she said, "Okay you will have to marry me then. Marry me!!" My first proposal and it came from a five year old girl. Talk about being familiar.

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