Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wait, What? (Part 2)

This past week was October Break for the kids, and while Mark went to sports camp all day Stephanie was home with me. I actually had a blast with her (apple picking, leaf collecting, book writing, tea party with real tea!, bike riding, going to lunch with her dad), she's such a fun, articulate, and funny five year old oftentimes I forget that she's only five! During our tea party on Thursday she turned to me, put her chin on her hand and said, "So tell me about your last date." She's in a phase where she's obsessed with boyfriends, not having one herself but all of my past boyfriends--not that I've ever had any dad! I was describing one and said, "Yeah, he was cute, cute cute." And she responded, "Oh, well that means he was your best boyfriend then." Smart girl, got her priorities straight! (I know, it's pretty obvious that I have a favorite child, but it's not like I'm a parent! I can have favorites, right? I used to ask my mom who her favorite child was to which she always responded that I was her favorite girl, but I knew the truth. Now that Jack & I both have jobs and especially do not live at home I think we might be tied for our father's favorite!)

I know I've said it before but Switzerland is expensive. What boggles my mind however, is how everyone manages to have so much money despite the exorbitant prices of just about everything. Friday Stephanie was going to a play date at her friend's house. The mother of the other girl offered to have her driver come pick up Stephanie. A driver. For a play date. For five year olds. (Say it with me now, "Wait, what?") Mark & Stephanie started saying how this friend must be really rich--not because of the driver but because they have a trampoline--and all I could think of was, "You have a live-in servant (i.e. au pair)! I don't think you are hurting for money..." Also, the car that came to pick up Stephanie: the Porsche SUV. Life's rough for this five year old.

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