Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Road Outside Columbus

The O.A.R. song "Road Outside Columbus" --which was written about their tenure at The Ohio State University, but most Denisonians really know was written for the rolling hills of Granville and our beautiful University--kept coming up on shuffle last week on my iPod. My iPod has this uncanny way of sensing my mood, and then playing songs that reinforce my mood. Last week my mood was definitely more melancholy than usual, Thursday I didn't just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but the wrong side of the Atlantic. The cause for this mood? Homecoming. This past weekend was Denison's homecoming, and although only half of my group of girlfriends could go, I still felt that I was missing out. So for my iPod to be playing a song seeminly written about Denison, only led to further depression.

Friday night I went over to a fellow au pair
's house and we watched six episodes of the American show Glee (any show that can incorporate Celine Dion is alright with me!) and I cannot tell you how nice it was just to have a sleepover with friends again. When you're perpetually surrounded by at least 2-8 people all day every day you find that being alone just isn't as fun! We woke up to a rainy Saturday and decided to go to the movies. We saw (500) Days of Summer which I thought was great--despite the 18CHF ($18!!) price tag. After the movie we had planned to meet up with friend's at Zürich's Oktoberfest but, as we were walking towards the train Kristen turned to me and said, "Hey, want to go somewhere?" Now nothing beats the "I hate missing out on Denison reunions" Blues better than traveling! We made our way to the train station and luckily I had a map (surprise!) of Europe and the train times from major European cities (this is a fabulous map that my father bought before I went to Vienna--the man knows his maps!) We said, "Vaduz looks close," and 10 minutes later we were on a train headed for the capital of Liechtenstein. Funny/sad thing about this trip: I have that fabulous Gleis 7 card that allows me to travel on trains after 7pm for free so I only bought a ticket one way--my ticket to Vaduz was 17 CHF--LESS than a movie ticket! After grabbing a few beers (clearly) we hopped on a train and 1.5 hours later arrived in the capital "city." For a Saturday night Liechtenstein was dead. We wandered the streets looking for a bar (clearly) and finally stopped a group of men to ask where everyone was and to find a bar. Well apparently it was the Liechtenstein vs. Azerbaijan football (European, not American) World Cup qualifying match! (Randomly going to a country, with no hostel, plans, or clue and stumbling upon a soccer game sounds a lot like my first trip to Bratislava!) We couldn't get tickets but we stayed for a bit, then wandered back into Vaduz, got dinner and then made our way back to her apartment--there are only so many weekends a girl can sleep outside! It was, however, definitely fun/cool to say, "Oh yeah we just went to Liechtenstein for dinner..." (Added a new country to the list--booyah Jack!)

Sunday was "Thanksgiving" and since it ended early (and yes, I did do all the dishes like I predicted--I'm such a sucker) I managed to get out and meet another au pair and friend for a night of kareokee (yikes! Went with my old Jana's house standby: Material Girl) which was a blast. It ended the weekend on the right note (pun intended) because this week is the children's October break. Mark has a sports camp all day but Stephanie and I are together all day, every day. Working all day again has made me appreciate my current job hours, and makes me wonder: how did I do this all summer?!?!

You can take the girl out of Denison...
Classic Denison "night out" supplies: Longchamp,
heels in the Longchamp, and a sketchy beverage
concealed in a water bottle. Good to know that
despite living in another country, some things never change.

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