Friday, October 30, 2009


A bit overdue, I know.

Well last Saturday I went to Milan again. This time, however, I had a purpose! One of my best friends from high school, Ellen, has a best friend from university who moved to Milan to teach at an American school there. So Kristen, Jen & I headed down to Milan Saturday to visit Gabri. I had met her before when I surprised Ellen at Bates (I love surprise visits--hint hint) but it couldn't have been a better weekend. We had a great time just hanging out with girls and eating deliciou
s (and cheap!) Italian food. Gabri and I
Ellen & I at the Bates "80s Dance" last fall

like to try and make Ellen jealous and tell her that we are going to become BFFs (best friends forever, for those of you who might not know, dad) and phase her out of friendship. Every picture we took we'd say, "Ahh, this is going to make Ellen jealous." Which then got shortened to "jEllensy" (a combination of Ellen and jealousy). Saturday we went to the top of the Duomo (sorry Jack, we missed out big time with that one!), ate gelato, had some Proseco, went out to dinner (pumpkin ravioli, truffle risotto, cheese, tiramisu, red wine--does life get any better??) and met up with some of Gabri's co-workers. We also got a ride home from one of the guys and let me just say I am SO glad that I do not live in Italy. The reason? The driving. If I had to drive in Italy like I do here, I would either be a) dead on the side of the road or b) still having a panic attack on the side of the road from my first driving experience. This guy was a great driver and I was happy to be in the car with him, but I would not be able to handle driving in Italy. Anyway, Sunday we explored, shopped (new leather wallet!), ate (Nutella, yum) and headed back to Zürich that evening. Going back to Milan reminded me of when I studied abroad. Basically every weeked we went to visit a friend from Denison so not only did we have a free place to stay but a great, local tourguide. Visit Gabri was great because we didn't have to think about anything (and she knew the great food places!). Can't wait to continue our BFF status!

Gabri & I at the top of the Duomo

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