Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!??

Alright although I do have an interesting weekend to write about later I just had to share this story for all those Minnesoooota hockey fans.

Today we celebrated [Canadian] Thanksgiving, the actual day is tomorrow but nonetheless we had it this afternoon. Mark invited some Canadian friends over for the dinner and it was great: turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce (unfortuna
tely not from a can dad) mashed potatoes--everything you that goes into a great Thanksgiving dinner. (We even had turkey hats, decorations, and place cards due to some of my good 'ol craftiness last Tuesday when they had the day off of school--pictures to follow).

The interesting part was when I was introducing myself to the guests, one man said, "Oh we lived in Minnesota when I played hocke
y there! We lived in Woodbury right honey?" After talking about how much they loved Minnesota and would love to move back I asked if he played hockey there in university. Nope, he played for the Minnesota Wild. So I guess I had Thanksgiving dinner with a former Minnesota Wild hockey player (and now a Rapperswil, Switzerland professional hockey player).

Happy Thanksgiving!

My hat on the left, Stephanie's on the right. Her choice
to add the blue feathers & extra long "tongue" as she calls it.

Maybe I am related to Martha Stewart--a turkey out of
an egg carton & construction paper, not bad eh?

Our place cards. Mine is the bottom left corner, Mark's
is the bottom right (no the turkey is not defecating, it's
a hockey stick that says the "Lakers" I guess that's the
Rapperswil team), and Stephanie's at the top. Her's
says Jill--but in cursive, with a backwards J. Cute.

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