Saturday, September 19, 2009

Semi Swiss Lacrosse

Today was my first lacrosse game as a Zürich Lion, and it was definitely different than the games in America. Instead of arriving by bus with the whole team, I arrived by train and walked the 0.5 kilometer in search of this school. I met more of my teammates, yes met (I meet new ones every practice it seems!) all of whom are good lacrosse players, especially a woman from Japan who played on the Japanese National Team! I received my uniform there (number 7-just like Langsam) but it had the name "Patricia" on the back--Patricia now plays for the other team, the Wettingen Wild. Before our warm ups I saw players from both teams smoking cigarettes, drinking Red Bulls and even beer!--definitely against NCAC rules...
The game was fun despite the small field making the attack stay behind the midfield line instead of the restraining line--nice for a lazy attacker like me! I was a little nervous to start the game since my time at Denison was spent "polishing the pine," but it only took 40 seconds for me to score the first goal! Two minutes later and I scored again--talk about different than my time at Denison! Our team was playing well and we were having a great time but right before the end of the first half a girl from my team said, "They're swearing at us." I guess ignorance is bliss sometimes... At halftime our center went to go play goalie and our coach asked if anyone knew how to play center...Well I don't really but that didn't stop me from volunteering, and at least this way it forced me to run up and down the field. I managed to make it through the second half but I was especially grateful for the shorter field! We ended up winning 16-5--I added a couple more goals and assists (I don't mean to sound conceited but seriously, this never happened to me at school!)--a great game and great fun.

But the best part of the game was when our coach's husband (who plays on the men's team) came up to me and said, "You're fast, very very fast." I don't think I've ever, ever been called fast before--yess!

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  1. So we shall now call you Fast Patricia?