Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Near Death Experience

Now as most of you know I can be a tad over-dramatic, but I assure you this is not one of those times. This morning, as I was preparing to write an observant yet still funny Blog entry about Swiss culture the worst happened. I picked up a shirt from my clean laundry pile to fold and then put away when I saw it. A MASSIVE spider fell out and onto my bed. Now I said I was getting used to spiders (especially at their house in France) but HOLY COW this thing was huge, and ugly and on my clean clothes! I'm fairly certain it is the spouse of a similar spider that I killed a couple weeks ago--I knew those Jack Rogers would come in handy again! This spider was so surprising and revolting I seriously couldn't stop screaming. And not just any scream it was the "girlie scared of a spider" high pitched screaching. I documented this beast, for proof, before I knocked it off my bed and threw a book on top of it... Sorry I can't have things like that living in my room and nesting in my clothes!!!

When I pick up the rest of the clothes the pile I shake it vigorously and get the chills... This calls for one thing and one thing only--new clothes.

Sorry it is blurry--I couldn't get any closer. But seriously it was HUGE!

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  1. Geez, Jill! We had way bigger spiders than that in Maryland! They're called "wolf spiders." I agree, nothing fun about having them nest in your clean clothes. Dirty ones either... Love reading your blog.

    Janet Dickson