Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Little Editing

I got a message from my brother on Skype the other day--it started off by saying, "hey winkie... we gotta get you off this "brother used to be mean thing" on your blog. " (Get over the Winkie thing already--when I was shunning my nickname of "Pinky" [tomboy phase] I got the nickname "Winkie" and although the nickname and color are back in my life Jack has continued to call me "Winkie," I kind of like it). But he's right, Jack and I used to fight a lot but we haven't in years (save for that whole hissy-fit camera memory card loss of summer 2008). We used to fight over the use of our shared car, the attention of our parents, the mismatching clothes he wore (being colorblind does not excuse you from wearing navy & black Adidas track suits!) et cetera. Now that we don't share a continent, let alone a car, we get along famously. We now share a love of traveling, living abroad, Blue Moon & seasons of The Office (preferably watched and consumed together at our house) and making lame jokes about being named after a nursery rhyme. So to clear the air: Jack & Jill went up a... wait no! (Couldn't resist) What I mean is that Jack & I get along and it's wonderful to have such a cool Korea-living, bungee jumping, (I'm going to attempt it in two weeks--aghhhh!) great brother.

Now come visit me Jack! Thanks.

(And I will post, and post pictures, about my weekend in Zermatt. Just hold your horses!)

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