Sunday, August 9, 2009

Street Parade Casualty

Yesterday was the Zürich Street Parade and despite being rainy and semi-chilly there were thousands of people and very few articles of clothing. The Swiss seem to be pretty straight-laced but one would never guess it at the Street Parade. Everyone dresses up (althought I wouldn't exactly say that they are dressed) and just basically goes crazy. I was meeting up with a friend and some other ex-pats and the theme was "Angels & Devils," so I wore a pair of white shorts and a white shirt and some wings (and my yellow rain boots, thank you Cait--and M&D for sending them!) and I think I was the most-clothed person there. I was feeling a bit self conscious in my all white getup while I was waiting for the train to take me into Zürich City Center, that is until I saw a woman, definitely in her 40s, wearing a white fishnet dress with a white bathing suit top and thong, with white go-go boots and a white wig... At first it was hard to not stare but
eventually you just get used to the scantily clad throngs of people--sometimes, well a lot actually, I couldn't even tell who was a woman or a man... They all just blended together on Street Parade day! I didn't bring my camera (no surprise there) because of the rain, but hopefully I'll get some pictures from my friends that I went with. (The pictures are of my friend Nicky, the devil, and me, the yellow-rain boot wearing angel, and then me with just another average Street Parade goer...)

We arrived a bit afte
r one but the parade didn't start until 3:30. Around 6 I met up with my American football playing friend for his last days in Zürich and his teammates and friends. We danced in the streets, and drank in the streets, and danced and drank some more and then the unthinkable happened: I lost my cell phone. Now everyone that knows me knows that I am in a permanent state of text messaging so this loss has been deeply felt. I seriously do not know how I lost it because it always seems to be in my hand and in use... This is definitely a bummer. It is also delaying my trip to Barcelona because everything is closed on Sundays so I need to get a new one when the shops open tomorrow.

But I will be off to Barcelona tomorrow evening, arriving Tuesday and staying through the weekend. I booked a hostel that's kind of further out of the city but right by the beach so I'm excited for some rest and relaxation. (Not to mention I'm adding a new country to my list--watch out Jack, you may have me beat on continents but I've got countries for sure!)

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  1. Off to Barca, have fun. I still remember the atmosphere as being extremely relaxed. Enjoy. I am very envious.