Monday, August 31, 2009

Everything I Knew About Wrong

This past weekend was fun & filled with sports.

Friday I went to lacrosse practice and as I was walking in another girl from the team, who I wasn't there the week before, introduced herself. When I responded to her, "So where are you from?" inquiry I was surprised to see her eyes light up when I said Minnesota--turns out she was an exchange student in Brainerd four years ago! Bizarre. After practice I got a beer with the girl and a couple of the guys from the men's team, they invited me out with them that night and against my better judgement, I had to get up at 6 am on Saturday to go to a lacrosse clinic, I decided to go. I raced home, showered and then they picked me up and we went into Zürich. We met up with my friend Allison and another tag-along (a New Zealander who was too drunk and too annoying for our liking) and went out, had a blast but arriving home at 4:30 and getting up at 6 wasn't exactly a great decision.

Saturday I peeled myself out of bed, missed my 6:14 bus to the train station in my town, missed the 6:17 direct bus to Zürich (should have been an omen to just go back to bed), so I decided to run to the train station in the next town to try and catch my train. So Saturday started with a nice 1.5 mile sprint (in flip-flops no less) to the train, which left the station right as I got there, also should have just cut my losses and gone back to bed. Met up with a girl on our team and we drove to our coaches house just outside of Zürich. Our coash wasn't there yet and ten minutes later she rolls up, still in her clothes from the night before and looking worse than me! (She had gone to Germany for the night to go out with her sister) Five of us get into her car and make our way towards Bern, the capital city and 1.5 hours away. Well 2.5 hours later we manage to pull up to the field... The woman running this clinic is from Ohio, and has never really played on a lacrosse team before (another omen to turn and run). All day was spent sitting, waiting, and doing drills that were of no benefit to me--not saying that I'm a wonderful player but this was below my skill set, and the coach kept calling things on the field the incorrect names so pardon me if I wasn't going to take her coaching advice! I was kicking myself for spending the money to go to this, but at least I was outside all day! I decided to take the train home (opting out of the car ride that was destined to get lost again) and went out to dinner with two friends (Mexican!) which was infinitely more enjoyable than my afternoon in Bern.

Sunday I decided not to go back to Day 2 of the clinic, one of my friends invited me to learn to play Touch Rugby, and since there was no fee nor travel time it seemed like a better plan. Well touch rugby (rugby without all the manhandling plus a lot, a lot of sprinting) was great fun & exercise, but all of my prior sports experience seemed null and void. You have to stay behind the ball to be open for a pass. Defense has to sprint back 5 meters (pretty much constantly) well it's difficult to explain the whole game but take my word for it--it was quite a learning process! We got to play a scrimmage after learning all the basics and then the men & women who are on the team showed us what the faster paced play looks like. It was really fun and once I un-learned all my old habits I got the hang of it--I think I've found a new sport! (Funnily enough, the Kiwi that Allison & I left at the bar on Friday, showed up to play too! But fortunately I don't think he had any clue that we met on Friday!) After the touch scrimmage we headed down to swim in the lake and then I went to Allison's house for dinner (she had baked and gave me some! I knew I kept you around for a reason!)

This week I will have been here for two months--I can't believe it! And this upcoming weekend a friend from home is coming to Europe so we're headed to Milan! Good thing we're not renting a car because I think my mother is black-listed from renting cars in Italy now.

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