Sunday, August 23, 2009

Burning The Candle At Both Ends

I've heard that phrase uttered by my parents more times than I can count, and now it's finally coming true. I'm getting sick--yuck--but I definitely know why.

Friday around noon I had to pick up Mark from school to take him into Zürich where his mom was meeting us to take him to the airport (he was going to London for the weekend--a belated birthday present from an aunt--lucky kid). I was chatting with his teacher as we located his German classroom and she asked me where I was from, and lo and behold guess what state his teacher is from? I'll give you one guess...

Friday afternoon I was playing with Stephanie when Anna told me that they were leaving soon and I didn't need to be "on duty" anymore. I looked at the time and realized that I could make it to lacrosse practice (finally!) . Despite having already worked out and showered (which as most of you know I hate to do just once a day, let alone having to do it twice) I decided to check out the practice. I grabbed all my stuff, casually forgetting my goggles, and ran to the bus/train/tram to make the hour trek out to practice. I was a little nervous as I walked onto the field and the girls (and a men's lacrosse team which practices at the same time... yes) because my German is pretty dreadful and my Swiss-German is essentially nonexistent. The coach remembered me from my earlier e-mail and introduced me to the seven other players. We started off with a job, stretching and then sprints, I didn't want them to think I was some lazy American so I ran like it was the lacrosse team's fitness test at Denison. It was great to play again, and since there were only nine players I got to run and play the whole time. I wore my trusty pedometer and counting my two miles from earlier in the day I ran 8.47 miles--no wonder it hurts to bend my legs... I left practice around nine feeling tired but great (even after one of the 17 year olds on the team told me I am "really, really old" for being born in 1986) and went home, showered and came back to Zürich to meet Allison for a girls' night.

We went to this one bar and were catching up (we hadn't seen each other for almost three weeks but it felt like months with all our stories--also thanks again for the raincoat and book M, D & A!) when a couple of Swiss boys came over to introduce themselves. They said that they were headed to "the coolest club in Zürich" so how could we refuse? We headed over with our new friends and stayed until 3:30--at which time I'm fairly certain I became a walking zombie--but when we left it was pouring, but it didn't matter because I had my raincoat again! I got back home around 5 am (I had forgotten how much fun that uphill walk was), made a Skype call to Cait & Molly to complain that I had to get up in 3 hours and fell asleep. 

When my alarm rang around 7:45 I literally wanted to die. I was sore, tired, and even though I didn't indulge in too many "cold adult beverages" (as Mr. Howie would call them--Hi Mrs. Howie, thanks for reading this by the way!) I felt like I had a hangover. Unfortunately, before I even arrived in Switzerland Will asked if I wanted to join Anna for a first aid course. I felt it would be good to refresh my skills, and like I shouldn't refuse re-learning anything that could help their children in an emergency, so I accepted. Thankfully Anna and the family went to France again for the weekend so she didn't have to see me in my disheveled state, but, Mark's best friend's mom was picking me up so she did... She asked if I had a fun night on the town the night before, stating that my 2L water bottle was a dead giveaway, but she didn't seem to mind. The class was a private lesson at a doctor's house about 15 minutes away and there were five other parents in attendance (I was the lone au pair). The day did not start off well: the moment I walked in I spotted a cat (I'm allergic), "Great," I thought, "Red eyes and a runny nose are going to add to my lovely state." The doctor put out some snacks which was thoughtful, but unfortunately they were all of the very crunchy variety. Now I know I am complaining a lot in this post but hearing people chew their food is my biggest pet peeve. Ever. (Molly you know what I'm talking about--all I wanted was to be able to text you about the noises!) I could hear every bite, chomp, slurp, and gulp that these people made and I literally thought I was going to pop a blood vessel. The booklet that was our rubric for the day was 34 pages long and, I kid you not, by 2 pm we were on page SEVEN. Yes, SEVEN. Not only was the doctor especially gregarious but all the parents were asking stupid questions and telling stupid stories about their children's illnesses or issues. (Seriously I don't care if Bella holds her breath until she passes out, I think that is more a parenting problem, and I don't care who you called when your son had the Pseudo Croop, I just want to know what to do if Stephanie or Mark has it!--Clearly my patience was nonexistent). Since I had all this first aid training before and only three hours of sleep my eyelids became heavier and heavier. I found myself doing the falling-asleep-head-bob that I perfected in my Freshman year 8:30 classes--which was embarrassing seeing as how there were 7 people seated around a dining room table. We finally ended NINE hours later and I got home around 6:30. 

I had planned to go out again but I knew my body could not take it so I met Allison, her boyfriend and some of his friends at a Carnival further outside of Zürich but I didn't last too long. I was definitely glad to make it home to my bed! 

Sorry for the excessively whine-y post... I'm not good at being sick.

Funny though that in Switzerland the phrase "burning the candle at both ends" translates to having an extramarital affair!

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